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Brooke Weaver.

Director of Finance

A Bit About Brooke.

Meet Brooke Weaver, the meticulous Director of Finance at Vacation Rental Co, entrusted with ensuring financial precision for property owners. With over seven years of invaluable experience in Big 4 accounting as a CPA, Brooke has seamlessly transitioned her expertise into the realm of hospitality.

As the financial steward of Vacation Rental Co, Brooke’s role is paramount in guaranteeing accuracy and transparency in all financial matters. Her keen eye for detail, honed through years of auditing and financial statement analysis, ensures that property owners entrust their investments to a capable and trustworthy financial leader.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Brooke understands the importance of a well-balanced life. Outside the world of finance, Brooke enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two sons. She has a passion for skiing, mountain biking, and tennis, embodying an active lifestyle that aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Vacation Rental Co. Her commitment to family values extends into her work, creating a financial landscape at Vacation Rental Co that reflects stability, reliability, and a personal touch.

Brooke Weaver, a financial maestro with a family-oriented approach, guarantees that your property is in capable hands, ensuring financial accuracy and peace of mind for property owners.


Place: Banff & Jasper National Park

Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Tennis, Pickle Ball, Skiing

Local company: Off the Beaten Path Bookstore and Cafe – https://www.steamboatbooks.com/